Sound Investment Entertainment Company is somewhat unique in the services we provide.  Most entertainment companies provide a high quality of services.  However, the owner cannot attest, with firsthand knowledge, as to how those services are provided because the owner is not at every job.  And those that do come do not stay for the entire job.  As an owner, I only book one job per day unless time allows for two (ie. 1pm-4pm and 6pm-10pm).  It is my belief this ideology greatly enhances communication between myself and the client, increases accountability and consistency with the client expectation. Any questions that might arise will not have to wait for a “Monday morning answer”.

Sound Investment provides music for a multitude of event types.  Many times you will be directly hiring the “owner” as I am a singer/keyboardist who possess the knowledge of “high-tech” capabilities to perform as a “1-MAN BAND”.  I also have a plethora of musicians that adapt to the above-stated ideology and encompass instrumentation from a single performer to a 7pc ensemble…and anything in between (additional musicians available upon request).  You can be assured that any musician that attends your function will be accompanied by myself, to insure the highest quality of service.

Sound Investment is also eclectic in the services we provide – small intimate gatherings (ie. cocktail parties), grand openings (ie. new businesses), concerts (ie. original music performances).  We look to service those with everyday entertainment needs as well as those with a discriminating taste for the extraordinary.

Any questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to address them at the Contact Us.